Sept 8th night earthquake in Morocco, most powerful & deadliest in decades!

The quake killed nearly 3000 people in remote villages of the High Atlas, while hundreds others sustained injuries.

The 7 magnitude earthquake that struck Morocco on Friday is the strongest and deadliest quake to hit the North African country in decades.

The data was confirmed by the US Geological Survey, which revealed that the devastating quake was the strongest in the areas surrounding the Marrakech region in over 120 years.

The survey explained that it categorized Friday’s earthquake as the strongest as none of the previous quakes had a magnitude higher than 6.

Despite being 30 times weaker than the earthquake that hit Turkey earlier this year,  professor of civil and environmental engineering from the University of Californian  Jonathan Stewart  stressed that the quake caused “a tremendous amount of energy.”

The quake hit the Al Haouz region as well as several nearby cities and towns on Friday night, claiming the lives of nearly 3000 people Nile hundred others sustained injuries.

People in Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Kenitra, and Fez said they felt the quake. Many inhabitants of the aforementioned regions also left their houses as a precaution in the case of any aftershocks or further damages.

Following the tragic earthquake that hit Morocco on September 8, several foreign countries have expressed their will to assist the North African country as a gesture of solidarity.

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck several regions of Morocco before midnight on Friday, the nation has come together in a display of solidarity as donors flooded blood donation centers across the country.

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World leaders offer solidarity after devastating Morocco earthquake.

Leaders and diplomats the world over expressed condolences and offered their support for Morocco on Saturday after a devastating earthquake struck the Atlas mountains southwest of Marrakesh.

The 6.8 magnitude earthquake that hit late on Friday killed nearly 3,000 people and left more than 2,000 injured, many critically, according to Moroccan authorities.

Support has poured in from leaders across the world.

6,000 Bags of Blood Donated in One Day for Morocco Earthquake Victims

Marrakech – In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck several regions of Morocco before midnight on Friday, the nation has come together in a display of solidarity as donors flooded blood donation centers across the country.

Since the early hours of Saturday, regional blood injection centers in various Moroccan cities have witnessed an overwhelming turnout, both from citizens and foreigners eager to extend a helping hand to the victims of this tragic earthquake.Amrani, in a statement to Morocco World News, revealed that the national blood stock collected in the past day would be sufficient for the next seven days. She further highlighted that the regional blood injection center in Marrakech-Safi now possesses ample blood supplies to aid the injured.

In the wake of this tragedy, several associations and institutions have launched appeals and calls for blood volunteering operations and humanitarian solidarity initiatives. 

The Royal Armed Forces, alongside local authorities, security services, and civil protection units in affected prefectures and regions, continue to mobilize all available resources to provide aid, assistance, and damage assessment.

Epicentre of solidarity in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains

The Moroccan High Atlas is the epicentre of earthquake destruction, but it is also the epicentre of solidarity. Thousands and thousands of volunteers from all over the world have organised themselves to mobilise and deliver aid. In these days we have come across Moroccan and Spanish volunteers (very many), but also Korean, Israeli, French and Uruguayan volunteers. All of them are committed to the Moroccan people who have suffered the worst earthquake in the last 120 years.

The stories of solidarity around this earthquake are endless. Paolo, a 19-year-old Spanish tourist, was caught in Ouazarzate and – instead of leaving like most tourists – he preferred to stay and help the Moroccan people in these difficult times. That’s why he has travelled to Amizmiz by bus, one of the municipalities most affected by the earthquake, to bring blankets to those who have been left homeless, especially because in the villages of the High Atlas – at dawn and at this time of year – it can reach minus 4 or 5 degrees Celsius. Paolo has practically spent his savings and the budget he had for the trip, but it was worth it because he says he leaves “with a heart full of experiences”.  


To follow updates on this earthquake you can check on of the live update feeds from international media :

CNN, or Aljazeera, or APnews, …

High Atlas Mountains

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