Let’s build the tour together and meet your expectations !

Mostly used way of traveling after pandemic. Major travellers now like to customize the tour their own way to include pereferrd locations or any content of interest (Golfing, Surfing, Adventure, Mountains, Culinary, arts & culture, Photography, Birdwatching…) or also people they would like to approach searching for more real discovery and deeper immersion in Morocco.

Bespoke travel

Usually our guests prefer this upscale form of travel using luxury accommodations and transpoortations while they focus during the journey on a theme, location or population to learn more about that theme or culture and lifestyle.

Agafay desert – Tailormade tours in Morocco

Agogo Travel will be pleased to assist you in adapting your tour itinerary to any specific needs or plans including accommodations options (from a simple guesthouse to a hotel, a riad and a luxuous palace), specific activities, special visits, special food… best to know is that Morocco is the land for all splendours you may be dreaming of.

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