Examining ways to strengthen Irish airline Ryanair’s direct routes between Beni Mellal airport and many international destinations was the focus of a meeting held on Tuesday at the region’s wilaya headquarters.

Ryanair will connect beni Mellal to Europe later in 2023

During this meeting, the Wali of the Beni Mellal-Khénifra region emphasized the tourist potential and the infrastructures that the region conceals, as well as the existence of a large Moroccan community in the region. foreigner who maintains close relations with his country of origin.

He also added that the strategic location of Beni Mellal airport, located at the center of a group of urban poles at the level of the region and neighboring regions, constitutes a strong point to stimulate air transport, if the company offers encouraging and competitive prices.

For his part, the director of Ryanair indicated that this visit is part of a series of meetings with the actors of the region to examine the procedures relating to a series of technical aspects, in particular those related to the airport and the lines that connect it to other towns in the region.

The company aims to launch flights to and from Beni Mellal airport no later than next October this year, he continued.

The meeting was attended by the vice-president of the council of the region, the director of Ryanair, representatives of the National Airports Office, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, the director of the Regional Investment Center, as well as as representatives of the Regional Council and the Regional Tourism Delegation.

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Béni Mellal, the undeniable place for parachuting in Morocco

Beni Mellal is in many respects the indisputable Moroccan capital of sports parachuting. This city in central Morocco offers fans of the air and extreme sensations a unique experience to practice their favorite sport and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Atlas and the snow-capped mountains.

Béni Mellal, the undeniable place for parachuting in Morocco

For years, it has attracted skydiving and extreme sports enthusiasts in search of adrenaline, challenges, adventures and thrills.

Beni Mellal is also one of the most popular and appreciated destinations for the holding of high-level aeronautical sports competitions thanks to its aerodrome ranked in the top 20 of the world’s best parachuting sites.

Extending over an area of ​​113 hectares and equipped with a 1,200 m long and 23 m wide runway, the Beni Mellal airfield is one of the best places for sport parachuting in Morocco and in the world.

Due to its geographical position at the foot of the Atlas, 8 km northwest of the city, the Beni Mellal dropzone has established itself as a major platform and destination of choice for tourists who are amateurs and practitioners of aeronautical sports such as gliding, parachuting and gliders.

Offering an extraordinary adrenaline experience and beautiful views of natural landscapes, Beni Mellal also hosts major aeronautical sporting events such as the Arab Air Sports Championship which it hosted in 2018.

From February 17 to 19, Beni Mellal is hosting 30 high-flying competitors representing Monaco, Qatar, France and Morocco for an international parachuting championship that promises intense moments of sportsmanship and challenge.

This international championship will take place at the Beni Mellal aerodrome under the theme “aeronautical leisure at the service of adventure tourism in the Beni Mellal Khénifra region”. It will be an opportunity for participants to appreciate the quality of the thermals, the beauty of the landscapes and the magic of the place.

The bright blue sky of Beni Mellal and its dropzone will thus regain color and will be illuminated by sails of all shapes and sizes.

Organized at the initiative of the Regional Tourism Council (CRT) Béni-Mellal Khénifra and the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT), this event aims to promote skydiving in the region and make it a tourist niche with high added value. .

Through this event, “we aim to highlight the tourist potential of the region, as well as its cultural richness and its natural assets”, indicated the president of the CRT Béni Mellal-Khénifra.

The goal is also to contribute to the sports activities of Beni Mellal which has become, thanks to its quality infrastructure, one of the most attractive destinations for skydivers, he said.

Aerial sports are part of the activities that contribute to the dynamics of tourism in the city of Beni Mellal, especially during the spring period when the climatic conditions are much more favorable to the practice of this kind of discipline.

“Béni Mellal Aeroclub welcomes nearly 900 visitors each year during the three months it is in operation,” assured the technical director of the Parachute Air Club of Béni Mellal.

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